One-to-One FAQ

1. How long will my child spend on the iPad/laptop in the classroom on a daily basis?

When the best way to engage with ideas or concepts is through technology, we will use it. The College considers technology as a means of creating, manipulating and exchanging the information that helps students learn. Devices used in the classroom will continue to be viewed as a tool for learning. At Calvary we believe in 100% access NOT 100% use. Learning involves engagement with a variety of tools, strategies and skills that will be enhanced through the use of technology. Having a device in class won’t make Calvary Christian College a paperless environment. Many aspects of learning best occur through students experimenting and exploring ideas with a pen and paper, or manipulating things in traditional ways. 

2. Will my child have access to the iPad/laptop during lunch breaks?

For students in Year 3 to 7, the iPads will be securely stored in classrooms throughout all breaks, so there is no access for these students during morning tea and lunch breaks. We advise that students don’t use their laptops in outside lunch areas during both first and second break. If students wish to conduct school work on their devices during this time, they should use the tables in the College Library during the allocated time for their year level. Using laptops outside, during the busy periods of morning tea and lunch, increases the chance of battery drain, accidental damage and lost property.

3. Will my child be taught about online safety?

Throughout the Calvary learning journey, units have been specifically developed to promote and educate our students in the correct, safe and productive use of technology through the school years into adulthood. This will be accomplished through specific lessons in the primary years and a developmentally appropriate journey of learning into the secondary years. These will be completed during specifically timetabled Digital Responsibility lessons throughout secondary years.

4. What security measures will be put in place to protect my child from accessing inappropriate sites?

Technology at Calvary has been active and growing for many years. Our Information Technology teams – both academically and technically – have continued to be innovative and follow current advancing standards for safety and protection. Calvary has sound and secure processes and procedures in place to protect our students.

5. Will my child have access to social media on their device?

Our wireless access is filtered by the College, blocking access to social media and those parts of the internet that the College does not consider to be appropriate for our classrooms.

6. My child has lost/broken/damaged their iPad/laptop, what is the process to get it fixed?

The owner of the device looks after the device. The school will assist in school based consequences for students who have intentionally damaged other students' property as per the College behaviour code. All repairs or replacement of device is the responsibility of the device owner. It is highly recommended that an insurance policy is purchased with the device.

7. Are there finance options available for device purchases?

Please check with your supplier (School Locker, JB Hi Fi or Harvey Norman) regarding finance options.   

8. Will I need to purchase earphones, a protective cover/case, keyboard or any other accessories for the device?

As outlined in the device specifications, a keyboard is essential when choosing a device. It is highly recommended that a protective cover/bag is also included and earphones for in class work.

9. We already have a personally owned device; however, it does not meet College specifications, can my child use it anyway?

No. The amount of support that can be offered through the College IT department will be limited. It is recommended that you pursue the purchase of a device that falls into the recommended specifications outlined to ensure that maximum support can be offered to all students. Download a copy of the College device specifications for more information. 

10. What happens if my child’s BYOD device is damaged, lost or stolen at the College?

It is recommended that as part of the purchase plan a sound insurance policy be included that will cover damage or loss. 

11. Will computer labs still exist at Calvary Christian College?

Yes. The computer labs will be used more specifically for curriculum that requires specific programs for their delivery, such as Design and Digital Technologies.

12. Will students in Prep, Year 1 and 2 have access to technology in the classroom? 

Yes, students in Prep, Year 1 and 2 currently have access to College owned devices in the classroom. Devices in these year levels are generally used in small group settings and only occasional 1:1 use. This is why students in these year levels are not charged the Technology Levy.      

13. What kind of agreement or contract is to be signed?

An Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement and iPad Agreement will be signed by all students involved in the program and their parents. It is encouraged that parents have a comprehensive discussion with their young children around the agreement and the responsibilities involved in using technology at school.

14. Can my child charge their device at school?

No. There will be limited opportunities to charge their device at school. Students must ensure that they charge their device at home and use the device responsibly to ensure it lasts a full school day.

15. How do students access their online learning environment using their device?

Calvary Christian College engages with the Microsoft suite of programs through Office 365, and it is through each class’ OneNote page for all the things that support students’ work at the College. It provides materials for each individual class to download, places to submit work and interact with other students or teachers. It works the same from home as it does when the students are at school.

16. The school monitors usage at school, but who monitors it at home?

This is the responsibility of the parents. When off school grounds, parents have an obligation and full authority to monitor device usage.

Examples of this include:

  • Encourage use in a family or shared room and not in the bedroom or other private spaces;
  • Restrict use at certain times of the evening or weekend; 
  • Regularly examine the documents, browsing history and other contents of the device.

Available Support Resources:

17. What if my question isn't answered here? 

Please ask!  If you have any further questions or concerns about the program please email