The first steps to starting Prep are very important and one of the greatest investments you will make in your child's learning journey.  At Calvary Christian College, we recognise a successful start to school can help set a child on the right path for a bright future.  

Being ready for school is about much more than just turning the correct chronological age and your child's ability to read, write and count.  Although academics are important, these are taught at school.

Prep readiness is more about maturity and development in the areas of social and emotional growth.  Children need to have a firm grasp of the age appropriate language, motor coordination and social and emotional skills in order to be ready for school. 

The following indicators are a helpful guide to use when considering the big question, "Is my child ready for Prep?".

  • Easily separates from caregiver.  
  • Seeks help when needed.
  • Is able to self-regulate emotions.
  • Has basic problem solving skills.
  • Can communicate own needs and feelings appropriately. 
  • Deals appropriately with frustration and avoids tantrums.
  • Has the ability and willingness to listen and follow instructions. 
  • Demonstrates pro-social behaviours. 
  • Willingness to participate in a variety of activities, including activities outside of their interest.
  • Can sustain attention for about 10 to 15 minutes, including when uninterested in an activity. 
  • Is inquisitive about the world and demonstrates an interest to learn. 
  • Can follow multiple step instructions. 
  • Speech is clear and can be understood by others. 
  • Interacts and responds appropriately to adults and peers. 
  • Is independent in self-care (dressing, toileting, eating, self-management).
  • Has age appropriate gross and fine motor skills. 
  • Takes care of own and others belongings. 
  • Demonstrates age appropriate independence. 
  • Describes recent experiences. 

Transitioning to Prep

Transitioning your child into the College - getting them familiar with their classroom, teachers and facilities, is an important part of the settling in process.  The College runs a transition program called 'Ignite' for students entering Prep, in the year prior to commencement. 

Enrolling in Prep

At Calvary, we recommend submitting your child's Prep enrolment application at least 12 months to two years prior to the year they are due to commence Prep.

To be eligible for Prep, children must turn five by June 30, in they year they start Prep.