Enrolment Process

Follow the below steps to submit an Enrolment Application for your child:

1. Complete Application Form 

Complete an Enrolment Application for each child in the family, including all information and reports as requested.  The enrolment process will take longer if all relevant information is not submitted.

2. Return Enrolment Application

Return the completed Enrolment Application Form along with the $100 Application Fee to the College Registrar (ensuring all policies have been read, with a copy of your child’s:  

Recent school reports;Recent NAPLAN results;Birth certificate;Immunisation records;Specialists reports (if applicable);Formal court orders, or informal separations agreements (if applicable);Visa (if applicable).

3. What Happens Next?

The following process will be followed once an Enrolment Application has been submitted:

  • Further information may be sought if required or if the application is incomplete.
  • We will invite you, along with your child/ren to attend an interview with the Principal, or his representative.  An interview does not mean that a place has or will be offered.
  • Children from new and existing Calvary families are required to attend an interview.
  • If a place is not available your child’s name will be held on a waiting list until you inform us otherwise.
  • If your application for enrolment is unsuccessful you will be notified in writing by the Principal as soon as possible.
  • If your application for enrolment is successful a place will be offered in writing as soon as possible after the interview. 
  • Acceptance of the offer is required within 7 days by returning the signed Enrolment Contract and completed direct debit form (which sets out the terms and expectations of the parties) and any other documentation sent with the letter of offer.