In the classroom, technology is used as an educational tool that supports and enhances our students’ learning journey.  In order to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to engage in the digital world during their schooling and in their chosen pathway beyond school, the College is committed to each student having access to a device.

The College has recently undertaken a comprehensive review of our technology program and as a result, we will be making some exciting enhancements to our technology program starting in 2024.

What does this mean for Secondary 

From 2024, the current Secondary College BYOD program will be phased out and slowly replaced with a College supplied 1:1 MacBook Air Program. The new program will bring a host of benefits for both students and the College, enriching the educational experience and enhancing productivity.

MacBook Air Program Benefits:

  • Apple Education - Our teachers will be trained by Apple experts on the extensive features and progressive technology available to Apple schools, including the use of classroom management tools and so much more!
  • Maintenance and Repair - The College will take on the responsibility to insure and repair devices. Any unexpected mishaps won't hinder learning with temporary replacements available if required.
  • Device Consistency - Operating off the same device ensures consistent product quality and specifications, allowing all students the opportunity to access the full potential of the systems and features available.
  • Device Management - With device management in the hands of the College, all students will have access to what they need when they need it.
  • Device Longevity - The MacBook Air has a significantly longer battery life compared to other devices. Students will no longer need to worry about charging interruptions and flat batteries!
  • Value for Money - The Technology Levy included in your annual College fee schedule not only covers the cost of a new MacBook, but also the benefits of IT support, licensing, repairs and insurance. Plus as an added bonus, students will get to keep their device upon the completion of Year 12.

How will the Program Rollout:

The current Secondary College BYOD program will be phased out by the beginning of 2026. This will be achieved by providing a new MacBook to every student in Years 7 and 10 every year, commencing in 2024.


For Secondary students still on the BYOD Program, click here to view Device Specifications

What does this mean for Primary

Students in Years 3 to 7 are provided with a College owned iPad (1:1) to use as required in the classroom. From 2024, iPads and accessories (keyboard and pen) issued to Year 3 students will remain with them throughout their Primary schooling. Students will get to keep the iPad and accessories upon completion of Year 6 (commencing 2027). No changes to any other Primary year level.