At Calvary, we offer STEM as a subject from Prep right through to the Secondary College.  STEM focuses on the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics assisting in the development of key skills such as problem solving, critical analysis, independent thinking, team work, creativity and communication.

STEM in the Primary College

Throughout Prep to Year 6, all students engage in coding with our Sphero robots as well as focus on science-based STEM projects. 

In our middle years, students are called to research, design and build a model conservation bubble to help an endangered species survive. Our younger students focus on developing the key skills in STEM with many problem-based challenges.

One of the major highlights of STEM with our older Primary students is the challenge to help solve the problem of light poverty in our world.  This is achieved through partnering with the company ‘SolarBuddy’ as we create and ship off solar lights to children in need. 

STEM in the Secondary College

STEM in the Secondary College allows students to gain further insight into how design and engineering projects move from problem to production. 

Students follow this process through various contexts such as renewable energy, radio control technology, musical instruments, reverse engineering and more. 

The end of each term culminates in a large hands-on project where students can apply their knowledge to building something to solve a given problem. 

With the continued progression of technology across the globe, the skills and qualifications acquired in STEM have never been more important.  Our STEM program has been designed to equip our students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in this ever-changing world.