The Secondary College has a range of specialised extra-curricular activities on offer, including:

Block Sport

Secondary College students have the opportunity to participate in Block Sport - inter-school sport as organised across Townsville.  Students choosing to be involved will have a chance for practices during normal Sport/Co-Curricular lessons throughout the week, with all games taking place outside of school hours.  Some of the sports Calvary has been involved in include AFL, basketball, football, netball, rugby league, rugby union, touch and volleyball.

Chapel Band

The Chapel Band in the Secondary College offers another creative outlet for our students, combined with ministry.  Students are invited to join our Chapel Band as part of the worship team or production.  The Chapel Band rehearses after school one day each week and are integral in assisting our Chaplains with our fortnightly Chapel services.  The Chapel Band may also have opportunity to perform throughout the year at some of the College's key events such as ANZAC Day Assembly, Spring Fair and Awards Celebration.  

Creative Arts Program 

The Creative Arts Program provides students with the opportunity to further explore and develop their creative interests and talents. A range of group and individual lessons are available from Year 7 to 12 for dance, instrumental (piano, guitar, strings, wind, brass, percussion), voice and speech.  These lessons are offered before, during and after school pending the availability of tutors.  Click for more information about the Creative Arts Program.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is offered as an elective in the Secondary Sport/Co-Curricular Program.  With an onside mountain biking skills and pump track and our own fleet of mountain bikes, the elective caters to a wide range of interest and ability levels.  Students are excited to be part of this program which connects them to the positive culture of Townsville mountain biking and its great natural resources.  We create opportunities for our students to participate in inter-school competitions for both adventure and mountain bike racing. 

Musical Productions and Showcase

Secondary students are given the opportunity to develop their creative flair through involvement in the delivery of a major stage production.  The College alternates annually between a Musical or Showcase performance providing students with a range of outlets to further develop their skills in acting, singing, set and prop design, make-up, sound and lighting production, stage crew and digital media. 


Scuba is another exciting extra-curricular opportunity on offer for an additional cost. The course involves three components - theory, pool and open water dives.  Open water dives are usually completed at Magnetic Island on weekends throughout the year.  The course offered is PADI accredited, meaning students will attain a qualification upon completion.

Secondary Choir

Choir is a wonderful Creative Arts extra-curricular opportunity available to all students in the Secondary College.  Repertoire includes traditional choral works through to modern selections.  The choir performs with accompaniment, as an acapella group, providing solo opportunities, and giving students the experience of being part of a modern day choir.  The group currently rehearses once a week and has the opportunity to perform at some of the College’s key events such as Showcase, Spring Fair and Awards Celebration.