The Unite program has been specifically designed for Year 6 students with the aim to prepare and equip them with the tools and knowledge for a smooth transition into the Secondary College in Year 7.

The program offers students the opportunity to participate in high school based activities to give them a taste of what is to come in their Secondary journey. 

Event Opportunities

Connect with us on Facebook for all upcoming event details, or take a look at our Events Calendar.    

Discover Year 7  |  Held annually in Term 1

Discover Year 7 is an opportunity for future Year 7 students to tour the Secondary College and meet the Secondary teachers in the year prior to commencing Year 7.  It provides students with a sense of belonging and preparedness as they journey towards Secondary. 

Year 7 Subject Taste Tester Day  |  TBC

This event provides future students with an opportunity to orientate themselves with the Secondary College, meet Secondary Teachers and UNITE with our current Year 6 students.  New students can wear their current school’s sports uniform and participate in a day at the Secondary College enjoying a number of our elective subjects.      

Event dates will be confirmed each year via direct communication to families.