Primary Enrolment

Completing Your Enrolment

Congratulations on your successful enrolment application at Calvary Christian College.  We look forward to sharing the educational journey with your family.

Please read on for important information about your enrolment. 

Please click through to view the contracts that need to be signed and returned for your child. 

Calvary Christian College families are required to set up an automated payment method for all school fees.  This includes either direct debit, credit card or Centrelink.  Families can elect to pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly.  Please print, complete and return either the Direct Debit Payment Authorisation, or the Credit Card Payment Authorisation form.  

Calvary Christian College uniforms are available for purchase at The School Locker.  Download the Uniform Guide below for full details of the uniform requirements for Primary students. 

The College operates its own private bus service for use by students travelling to and from school.  The bus service is also used for other College related activities such as excursions.  Click for more information about the College Bus Service.  To apply for the College Bus Service, complete and return the Bus Application Form.

ABV Care is a government accredited and licensed outside-of-school-hours program located off Bayswater Road adjacent to the College.  ABV Care offers Before School Care, After School Care and Vacation Care for all students in Townsville from Prep to Year 7.  Click through for more information about ABV Care

Tuckshop is available to Primary students during morning tea and lunch.  'Brain Food' break is not included. 

In the classroom, technology is used as an ‘educational tool’ that supports and enhances our students’ learning journey.  As we continue on this journey and seek to meet the ever increasing demands technology has in Education, the College is committed to working towards each student having access to a device. 

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Stationery and Equipment 

Stationery packs for all Primary College students are organised through the classrooms.  Primary parents do not need to place stationery orders.

Primary Daily Routine


Students may arrive at the College in their designated play area from the first bell at 8.00 am where a teacher will be on duty.  Please note, teachers will not be on duty prior to 8.00 am.  

Students will line up at their classroom when the second bell sounds at 8.25 am.  Classrooms will be opened at 8.30 am. 




Primary students have three meal breaks throughout the day.  The first break is a 'brain food' break for fresh fruit or vegetables.  The second and third breaks include a supervised eating time and supervised play time. 


School finishes at 3.00 pm.  Parents/guardians must collect Primary students from their classroom at 3.00 pm, unless alternate arrangements have been made and approved directly with their classroom teacher.  Other exclusions include students attending ABV Care or catching the College Bus Service. 


If your child is required to leave the College prior to 3.00 pm, the College must be notified in advance, and the child must be signed out at the Primary Administration Office.   


It is important that the College is notified if your child is going to be absent for the day, or a period of time.  To notify the College, please call the Absentee Hotline on 4722 9206 or email with your child's full name and class details.   


Primary Curriculum

The Primary College curriculum is structured and delivered to each specific year level.  The year levels are then grouped into four main areas - Prep, Area 12 (Year 1 and 2), Area 34 (Year 3 and 4) and Area 56 (Year 5 and 6).  These areas reflect the current structure of the Australian National Curriculum. 

In the Prep area and Area 12 a solid foundation is laid with skills and proficiency in literacy and numeracy as a significant focus.  Area 34 further builds on this, growing students’ capacity for independent and inquiry based learning.  As a culmination of the Primary Years, students in Area 56 are able to take the learning journey to the next step, where our matrix programs provide authentic and rich content and students become deeply engaged with their local and global communities. 

Each area implements an integrated unit or matrix program.  These have a literacy focus and draw on concepts from either Geography, History, Science, The Arts or Technologies.  They have a common theme and align with the academic content and standards of the Australian National Curriculum.  It also considers the students’ needs and interests and promotes an inquiry/project approach for both the individual or groups of students, providing opportunities to work individually or collaboratively as a team.   

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