Permanent change to Secondary College finish time and carpark update

College News Monday, 03 Apr 2023

As of Term 2, the Secondary College finish time of 2.50 pm will become a permanent change due to the overwhelmingly positive response received from the trial. The College will take 10 minutes from second break to make up the early finish, ensuring no learning time is lost. The Primary College finish time will remain at 3 pm.

Additional changes will be made to the carpark over the school holidays, including:

New pedestrian access
As of Term 2 pedestrian access to the College must be made via the new walkway, referred to as the ‘Path of Promise’, that runs along the ELC/Secondary side of the creek. Over the break, the rails that separate the existing walkway and road down the main entry of the College will be removed and pedestrian access will be restricted due to safety. Please ensure your child/ren are aware of this change.

Bollards to be installed at zebra crossing
Our recent carpark survey identified safety concerns around the zebra crossing from the portico at the entry of the College (within the carpark). As a result, the College will be installing bollards on one side of the crossing in the stop, drop and go lane. When driving through the carpark, please remember to slow down, look for children and give way to pedestrians.