COVID-19 Update #4

COVID-19 Updates Monday, 20 Apr 2020

As indicated in our communication out to families yesterday, next week Monday 30/03/20 to Friday 03/04/20 will be student free to allow for our Educators to prepare for online learning and to aid in the prevention of the spread of Coronavirus. During this time, the Calvary team will be preparing for Term 2.

The College and ELC will be open for any of our families to send their students if they are unable to keep them at home due to work commitments.

Some points to note:

  • College P-12 and ELC are open next week for essential workers’ children. This is anyone with a job who cannot supervise their children at home.
  • It is a student free week and a supervised program will be provided at the College. All students are to present to their normal class area.
  • Students remaining at home under parent supervision will not receive work for this week.
  • All students are to wear sports uniform for the week.
  • All regular bus runs will continue as normal next week.  Should you wish to change your booking please contact the bus department as per the usual process.
  • All regular ABV bookings will continue as normal next week.  Should you wish to change your booking please contact the ABV Centre as per the usual process.
  • If you are an essential worker and you are sending your child to the College, no confirmation/registration of your child’s attendance is required.

Term 2

Next term will look and feel quite different for our College. Many of our students will be learning from home through an online program developed by the College. Please know that we do not expect our parents/caregivers at home to become teachers. This online program that all of our students will be doing, will be designed to be engaging, productive, and largely self-paced.

The teaching and learning program designed by the College for Term 2 will be consistent for all students whether learning from home or at the College.

In the coming days, all Calvary families will receive an online survey form that will assist us with knowing what devices and internet access you have at home. This information will guide our teachers’ planning for Term 2.

Our Calvary Community

As we all watch this global pandemic unfold around us, I want to encourage our Calvary community to stand together through this crisis. The best thing about our College community is our people, and we need to support and care for each other as we do this Coronavirus journey.  There are many unknowns, however I want our students and families to know that they are loved
and supported.

If you and your family need help or support, it is imperative that you connect with us as soon as possible.

Some thoughts to encourage us all:

  • 'Every day God thinks of you' Jeremiah 29:11
  • 'Every hour God looks after you' 2 Thessalonians 3:3
  • 'Every minute God cares for you' 1 Peter 5:7
  • 'Because every second He loves you' Jeremiah 31:3

We are living in extraordinary times, it is important that we talk and unpack what is happening with our children. It is vital for their peace of mind. Uncertainty and confusion can give rise to fear. Our goal is to help our children not be fearful but rather, be compassionate to a world that is hurting.

So, Calvary families, I firmly believe that as we do this journey together, we can love and support not only each other, but people around us who need a helping hand. 

Yours sincerely

Steve Downes College Principal