Ag students assist with Artificial Insemination breeding program

Ag News Monday, 17 Aug 2020

Calvary Christian College senior Ag Practices students recently had the opportunity to observe and assist with the College’s Artificial Insemination (AI) breeding program for our Senepol cattle stud.

Our three maiden heifers were part of a ‘fixed time’ AI program conducted by our College vet, Brenton Gosztyla. 
Ag Practices students are currently learning about factors that affect animal reproduction, and in planning for the College’s Senepol stud, they were also taken through the process of AI, the anatomy of a cow’s reproduction organs and breeding cycle.
The College would like to thank 5 Star Senepol for their donation and support, and vet Brenton Gosztyla for instructing and overseeing the program. 

We hope to welcome three new calves to the Ag Centre early next year.