In Humanities, we are in the business of people. We look to the past, present and future in the variety of subjects we have on offer.  It’s not just about the focus of education but about making us better humanitarians through our values of generosity, servant hood and making lifelong learners of Calvary Christian College.

Along with Humanities, our department offers a vast range of subjects, including Business, Ancient History, Legal Studies and

Civics and Citizenship Studies.

YEAR 7 - 10

A study encompassing three different aspects of the Australian Curriculum: Geography, Civics & Citizenship, and Business and Economics.


  • Australian Government
  • Place and Liveability


  • Landforms and Landscapes
  • Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship 

History is a disciplined process of inquiry into the past that develops students' curiosity and imagination. Awareness of history is an essential characteristic of any society, and historical knowledge is fundamental to understanding ourselves and others. It promotes the understanding of societies, events, movements and developments that have shaped humanity from earliest times. It helps students appreciate how the world and its people have changed, as well as the significant continuities that exist to the present day.  


  • Investigating the Ancient Past
  • The Mediterranean World


  • The Western and Islamic World
  • The Asia-Pacific World


  • Making a Better World
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Modern World

Year 10 - Ancient History

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome
  • Foundations

Business activity affects the daily lives of all Australians as they work, spend, save, invest, travel and play. It influences jobs, incomes and opportunities for personal enterprise. Business refers to enterprising endeavours undertaken to meet human needs and wants. Business and economic activity impacts on and presents a range of challenges to individuals and members of groups and organisations in their roles as active and informed citizens, consumers, workers or entrepreneurs.


  • Economic Performance and Living Standards
  • Remaining Competitive in a Global Market
  • Improving Business Productivity
  • The Changing Nature of Work


  • Managing People
  • Economic Systems and Contemporary Environments
  • International Business
  • Skills for Senior Business

Legal Studies as a Junior elective focuses on the foundations of law in Australia and Queensland. It will evaluate the role and development of law in response to current issues. Students will explore the modern legal system and how it protects the rights of the citizen, regulates activities, while balancing these with obligations and responsibilities.

Students study the foundations of criminal and civil law through the criminal justice process and the civil justice system. They will discuss contemporary issues that are relevant to real-life situations, while engaging in research relating to law reform and jurisdiction alternatives. 


  • The Legal System and You - Rights and Responsibilities of the Citizen 
  • Human Rights - Modern Activism
  • Civil Law
  • Criminal Law

YEAR 11 & 12

Ancient History provides opportunities for students to study people, societies and civilisations of the past, from the development of the earliest human communities to the end of the Middle Ages. Students explore the interaction of societies, and the impact of individuals and groups on ancient events and ways of life, and study the development of some features of modern society, such as social organisation, systems of law, governance and religion.

YEAR 11 & 12

  • Investigating the ancient world
  • Personalities in their time
  • Reconstructing the ancient world
  • People, power and authority 

Business provides opportunities for students to develop business knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to society, the workforce and the marketplace and prepares them as potential employees, employers, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs.

Students investigate the business life cycle, develop skills in examining business data and information and learn business concepts, theories, processes and strategies relevant to leadership, management and entrepreneurship. They investigate the influence of, and implications for, strategic development in the functional areas of finance, human resources, marketing and operations.

YEAR 11 & 12

  • Business creation
  • Business growth
  • Business diversification 
  • Business evolution

Legal Studies focuses on the interaction between society and the discipline of law and explores the role and development of law in response to current issues. Students study the legal system and how it regulates activities and aims to protect the rights of individuals, while balancing these with obligations and responsibilities.

Students study the foundations of law, the criminal justice process and the civil justice system. They critically examine issues of governance, explore contemporary issues of law reform and change, and consider Australian and international human rights issues.

YEAR 11 & 12

  • Beyond reasonable doubt
  • Balance of probabilities
  • Law, governance and change
  • Human rights in legal contexts

Business Studies provides opportunities for students to develop practical business knowledge, understanding and skills for use, participation and work in a range of business contexts. A course of study in Business Studies consists of core ‘Business practices’ and ‘Business functions’ delivered through elective ‘Business contexts’. Students will explore business functions and develop business practices required to produce solutions to real life or simulated problems and successfully participate in future employment.


  • Business fundamentals
  • Financial literacy
  • Business communications
  • Business technologies


Social & Community Studies focuses on personal development and social skills which lead to self-reliance, self- management and concern for others. It fosters appreciation of, and respect for, cultural diversity and encourages responsible attitudes and behaviours required for effective participation in the community and for thinking critically, creatively and constructively about their future.

YEAR 11 & 12

  • Gender and identity
  • Health and nutrition - food and nutrition
  • Health and nutrition - recreation and leisure
  • Into relationships
  • Legally, it could be you
  • Money management
  • The world of work

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