Health and Physical Education

Our Health and Physical Education (HPE) Department provides a supportive Environment where students can learn the necessary skills to further develop their sporting interests and abilities. 

HPE also covers wholistic health which includes the mind, body and soul.  This is achieved through a wide range of topics and activities from fitness testing, nutrition and first aid. 

YEAR 7 - 9

Health and Physical Education will provide students with the opportunity to learn and appreciate knowledge and skills which will enable them to pursue a healthy lifestyle.  The curriculum is divided into two sub strands – Personal, Social and Community Health; Movement and Physical Education.


  • Approaching Adolescence 
  • I Can Made Good Decisions
  • Super Snacks
  • Generations
  • Swimming/Water Polo
  • Athletics and Cross Country
  • Netball
  • Dance


  • Food for Life
  • My Decisions, My Life
  • Supporting Others
  • Sharing Community
  • Basketball
  • Athletics and Cross Country
  • Cricket
  • Swimming


  • Respectful Relationships
  • Sustainable Health Challenges 
  • My Social Responsibility 
  • Sensationalised Reporting
  • Badminton
  • Athletics and Cross Country
  • Touch
  • Swimming

The Netball Australia National Skill Development pathways form the basis for specific content in this program.  A team, collaborative approach is promoted with enjoyable yet challenging personal development activities as students strive to improve every aspect of their performance.

The structure of the program allows students to pursue their interest in netball as well as maintain a focus on academic study. It is a multi- faceted educational program focussing on the essential elements of netball and building towards successful performance in sport. Students will extend their skills, performance standards and knowledge while valuing an active, healthy lifestyle.

The Year 8 and 9 Course will be delivered using an alternate two-year program:


  • Introduction to Netball
  • Netball and Fitness
  • Netball and Nutrition
  • Sport Injuries


  • Foundation Coaching
  • Sport Psychology
  • Foundation Umpiring
  • Drugs in Sport


Physical Education will provide students with the opportunity to learn and appreciate knowledge and skills which will enable them to pursue a healthy lifestyle. 

Physical Education allows students to apply movement concepts and skills. Physical activity enhances performance and moving with competence and confidence, whilst developing communication, decision making and problem solving skills in a team environment.


  • Human Movement
  • Equity & Access
  • Sport Psychology
  • Physical Education Toolkit

Outdoor Education will provide students with the opportunity to learn healthy relationships through sustainable outdoor experiences. Through interaction with the natural world, Outdoor Education aims to develop an understanding of students; relationships with the environment, others and themselves, and ultimately contribute towards a sustainable world.


  • First Aid
  • Coaching
  • Fitness 
  • Outdoor Recreation

YEAR 11 & 12

Physical Education provides students with knowledge, understanding and skills to explore and enhance their own and others’ health and physical activity in diverse and changing contexts. Physical Education provides a philosophical and educative framework to promote deep learning in three dimensions: about, through and in physical activity contexts. Students optimise their engagement and performance in physical activity as they develop an understanding and appreciation of the inter-connectedness of these dimensions.

YEAR 11 & 12

  • Motor learning, functional anatomy, biomechanics and physical activity
  • Sport psychology, equity and physical activity
  • Tactical awareness, ethics and integrity and physical activity
  • Energy, fitness and training and physical activity

The subject of Sport and Recreation focuses on the role of sport and recreation in the lives of individuals and communities. It is a subject that provides students with opportunities to learn in, through and about sport and active recreation activities.

YEAR 11 & 12

  • Sport and recreation in the community
  • Sport, recreation and healthy living
  • Health and safety in sport and recreation activities
  • Personal and interpersonal skills in sport and recreation

Health and Physical Education Enquiry Form