Calvary Christian College is affiliated with Townsville Primary School Sports (TPSS).  TPSS run three major carnivals throughout the year – Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics.


Students who place in the top 2 – 4 in our College carnivals are invited to represent Calvary at the TPSS Carnivals. If students do well at these carnivals they can then gain selection into Townsville, North Queensland and State teams respectively.

To develop skill and fitness in these major Sport Carnivals, Calvary provides before school training two days a week for those students who wish to receive extra tuition in swimming, running or athletics. These training sessions are conducted at the College Oval and Long Tan Swimming Pool.


Students have the opportunity to attend TPSS team sport trial days throughout the year. Students must have prior experience and be competent players in their chosen sport. All trials are after school and it is the parent’s responsibility to get students to and from trials and games.


Selection into these teams gives opportunity for students to participate at a higher level of competition and progress through Townsville District, North Queensland and State Championships. Students wishing to attend trials must be nominated by the school HPE department.

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