Term 4, Week 6

To keep up to date on all sports news, overviews of all carnivals, sporting events, interschool, trial dates and notes please refer to our Primary Sports section on our College website.  


1. Grade 4/5 Girls Tag Gala Day

With the interest growing in Women’s Rugby League, the NRL has created pathways for our female students to experience the fun and excitement of Rugby League.One of their initiatives is a League Tag Gala Day, an event created for girls in Grade 4 and 5 to the learn the skills of Rugby League against other schools in a non-contact format of the game. If after this event our girls enjoy learning the skills of League and wish to progress to increased contact, there will be opportunities next year for them to experience.


As a school we are giving our girls who enjoy Touch football or Rugby League an opportunity to attend this gala day. For the last 2 weeks we have had trials and this week notes will be sent home for those girls who have been successful in their selection into one of our two teams playing on the day.


2. Area 56 House Challenge

With Interschool Sport now finished for 2019, our Area 56 students are taking part in a new type of competition.  For the next 3 weeks our students are taking part in a House Challenge, an event where they will play as Ezra, Daniel and Joshua the sports of Bin Ball, Capture the Flag and OzTag against other Houses. 

On these Thursday afternoons, students are permitted to change into their house colours and House paraphernalia (tutus, coloured hats, socks, shirts etc) to bring House Spirit into our competition.   Not only will there be points for winning the games, but also teachers will be on the look out for Sportsmanship and House Spirit to reward as well. We’re looking forward to a great competition! 

3. House Champions Long Lunch

Across the year our students participate in events for House Points like Sports Carnivals, rubbish pick up and collecting CIA tokens.  This year the winning house will not only receive a trophy as the Champions, but each member of that House will be invited to a ‘Long Lunch’ essentially extra time after lunch where there will be some games and activities to celebrate their win.  This ‘Long Lunch’ will take place on the last Thursday of the year, 5th December. We will finish this day off with a Teacher vs Student basketball game in the afternoon.


Coming up in Term 4…

  • Net-Set-Go Netball Program 29 October – 26 November

  • Grade 4/5 Girls Tag Gala Day – Friday 29 November (Week 8)

  • Area 56 House Challenge – 14, 21, 28th November

  • Primary Awards day – 3 December

  • House Champions Long Lunch/Teacher vs Student Basketball – 5th December

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